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Wind Sentry Vane

Campbell Scientific

The 03301 Vane is a component of the Wind Sentry Sets. Although wind vanes have valid applications that require monitoring wind speed only (without direction), monitoring wind direction only provides little useful information. For this reason, the 03301 is available for two purposes:

  1. As a replacement vane for a Wind Sentry Set that requires replacement of the vane only

  2. As an "upgrade" for a customer that originally purchased only the anemometer and now wants to add the vane to make a complete Wind Sentry Set

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  • Operating Temperature: 

    -50° to +50°C; assuming non-riming conditions

  • Range: 

    Mechanical: 360°

    Electrical: 352° (8° open)

  • Sensor: Balanced vane; 16 cm turning radius

  • Accuracy: ±5°

  • Damping Ratio: 0.2

  • Delay Distance (50% recovery): 0.5 m (1.6 ft )

  • Threshold with 10° Displacement:

    0.8 m s-1 (1.8 mph)

  • Threshold with 5° Displacement: 1.8 m/s (4 mph)

  • Transducer: Precision conductive plastic potentiometer; 10 kohm resistance; 1.0% linearity; life expectancy of 50 million revolutions. Rated 1 Watt at 40°C, 0 Watts at 125°C.

  • Transducer Excitation: Requires regulated dc voltage, 15 Vdc maximum

  • Transducer Output: Analog dc voltage proportional to wind direction angle with regulated excitation voltage supplied by the datalogger

  • Vane Length: 22 cm (8.7 in.)

  • Weight: 170 g (6 oz)

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