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General Research Weather Station

Campbell Scientific

Mid-level, low power, portable weather station that provides general meteorological measurements with the flexibility to be adapted to a wide arena of weather based applications.

This is a portable weather station with a tiltable mast. This station provides basic weather station measurements and can calculate many related weather parameters such as evapotranspiration, growing degree days, wind chill, dew point, and more. The expandability of this system provides the flexibility to add sensors, control devices, and telecommunication options to enhance an existing research project or be altered to meet the needs of a new project.


Most of the systems we sell are customized. These systems, however, typically measure the following parameters:

  • Wind speed

  • Wind direction

  • Air temperature

  • Relative humidity

  • Barometric pressure

  • Solar radiation—direct normal irradiance (DNI)

  • Precipitation (optional)