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Entry Level Turnkey Weather station

Campbell Scientific

The MET200 systems provide general meteorological measurements in a complete, turnkey package with minimal installation requirements. Utilising quick deploy mil-spec connectors for faster field installation, systems are simple to install and specially designed to withstand the harsh Australian environment. MET200 weather stations are suitable for general weather monitoring purposes and applications such as spray drift or odour monitoring. The MET200 Core Unit consists of a pre-wired environmental enclosure consisting of: CR200X datalogger, 12V 7Ahr SLA battery, 10W solar power with mounting bracket and DIN Rail fused terminal wiring.

Manuals, Data Sheets & Operating Guides
Benefits and Features
  • Complete turnkey systems – no user programming required

  • Rapid deploy mil-spec connectors for faster installation

  • Robust, reliable systems for long-term monitoring

  • Solar powered with battery backup

  • 15 minute, 30 minute and daily data tables

  • Remote scheduled data collection over IP with the -IP option and LoggerNet software

  • Optional hourly and daily ET data tables

  • Remote data hosting service available