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DataStream WeatherMote

The DataStream Weathermote

Weather Sensor

The weather sensor measures wind Speed and wind Direction using conventional cup and vane techniques. All other measurements are housed in a multi-plate naturally aspirated radiation shield to reduce solar radiation errors. The shield is constructed of a series of concentric white aluminum plates, which allow air to fl ow through the shield, while blocking direct solar rays. The temperature sensor is a platinum RTD class 1/3B. relative humidity is a based on our very accurate solid state sensor designed for continuous exposure to adverse climates. The barometric pressure sensor is a piezo-resistive device designed for robustness, high accuracy needs, as well as long term stability.

Gate Tel Modern (GT-HE910-EUG) 

The serial interface of the GT-HE910-EUG is intended for the communication between the GSM/UMTS GPS module and the host application. This RS-232 interface is a data and control interface for transmitting data. It accepts, AT commands and provides multiplexed channels. EMC immunity complies with the vehicular environment requirements according to EN 301

40 W Solar Panel 


DataStream Enabled 

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- Data Stream Weather Mote Data Sheet