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Visual HELP Software

Visual HELP is an advanced hydrological modeling environment available for designing landfills, predicting leachate mounding and evaluating potential leachate seepage to the groundwater table. It is a stand alone program and is not available in server licenses. Visual HELP is built around the HELP model with an easy-to use interface and powerful graphical features for designing the groundwater model and evaluating the modeling results.

Visual HELP uses the latest technologies in software engineering to introduce many new methods for:

  • Visualizing and managing your projects

  • visual help 2Generating input data, presenting modeling results

  • Sharing data between models

  • This completely-integrated modeling environment you to:

  • Graphically create several profiles representing different parts of a landfill,

  • Automatically generate statistically reliable weather data for virtually any location in the world (or create your own)

  • Run complex model simulations

  • Visualize full-color, high-resolution results

  • Visual help 3Prepare a summary document for your report

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