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LiquID Station

The LiquID Station is a unique and powerful real time water quality monitoring technology. It is an entirely optical system, that uses three techniques simultaneouLisly to measure a wide range of water quality parameters in applications right across the entire water cycle.

The LiquID Station:

  • Is a hybrid machine, using absorption, fluorescence and reflectance measurement techniques with a single sensor, thereby eliminating the differential drift of multi-sensor devices,

  • Is a hyperspectral device, covering the spectrum from deep UV to near infrared, with hundreds of available measurement channels

  • Combines the massive optical data produced, with powerful proprietary algorithms to provide an unprecedented range of available measurements.

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The LiquID Station is a powerful tool for both compliance monitoring and process control. It has applications in:

- Source water monitoring and event detection

- Drinking water treatment and distribution

- Wastewater treatment and re-use

- Industrial water management, including:

- Monitoring wastewater discharges to sewer or the environment

- Monitoring process water quality from raw water to effluent