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3001 Levelogger Edge

Solinst Canada

The Levelogger Edge has a 22 mm x 154 mm watertight stainless steel housing with a zirconium nitride coating for corrosion resistance.

Incorporating a pressure transducer and temperature sensor and a 10 year battery life, the Levelogger is designed for measuring and logging water levels in a vast range of different scenarios, with real time data viewing and export capability.

It can be linked to radio or mobile networks. With a sealed Faraday Cage design, maintenance is simplified and protection is provided against electrical spikes caused by lightning.

The Levelogger is an absolute pressure transducer (water pressure + atmospheric pressure) and requires a Barologger for accurate barometric compensation.

Applications: Long-term water level monitoring in wells, surface water bodies and seawater environments Stream gauging, lake levels and reservoirs. Tank level monitoring.

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