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Drill & Drop Probe


The Drill & Drop is a fully encapsulated, easy to install, soil measurement probe. Probes are available in 5 lengths: 10.5cm (4"), 30cm,  60cm, 90cm & 120cm, with sensors fixed at every 10cm (4”) increments. Sensors can be fitted with either soil moisture + temperature OR soil moisture + temperature + salinity (TriSCAN sensors).

Having the electronics completely encapsulated and able to be completely buried makes the probe suited to long term installations. Being able to leave the probe in the ground means long term, uninterrupted data trends and comparison between seasons is possible. 

The Drill & Drop also covers the issue of data continuity and integrity where the probe does need to be reinstalled. The ingenious tapered probe and matching auger allows direct, slurry-free, installation. This direct installation method means that the probe is measuring ‘real’ representative soil conditions immediately after install, because the surrounding soil has not been disturbed. 

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