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Drill & Drop Bluetooth



Designed for ease of use, the data is collected via your phone using an app and the Bluetooth connection.  Then upload to the cloud for display in IrriMAX Live using cellular/mobile data, or wait until you are back in a wi-fi zone.

  • Fast To Install

  • Cable Free

  • Battery Powered

  • Easy To Relocate


View Data From Your Phone, Laptop Or Tablet

Once downloaded to the Connect App, your data is then uploaded to IrriMAX Live.

This intuitive web-based platform allows real-time monitoring of crop water use for precision irrigation management.

Remote access and sharing of data is simple and easy to setup.

Smart device views include map, graph, and list options.

Know how much water is available at all depths in the soil profile to support improved irrigation management.

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Built With The Proven And Reliable Drill & Drop Probe

The Bluetooth probe is an extension to the Sentek range of Drill & Drop probes, which are available with cabled connections to suit SDI-12, RS232 and RS485 communication protocols.

Drill & Drop probes have sensors every 10cm / 4″ along the probe depth, and are fully sealed.

This soil moisture probe has been a successful addition to the Sentek range, offering easy installation and accurate data.

Adding the Bluetooth enabled probe offers our customers additional flexibility in data collection and transfer.