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410 Peristaltic Pump

Solinst Canada

The peristaltic pump is a reversible pump that can be used for vacuum pumping or for delivering liquids or gases. Silicone tubing runs through the U-shaped pump mechanism where it is clenched shut at 2 points by plastic rollers holding a volume of air between them.

The rollers push the air in the direction dictated by the controller creating a negative pressure behind them and a positive pressure in front. By the time the 2nd roller has lost contact with the tubing, the 1st roller has already clenched the tubing off at the start of the next cycle creating a greater negative pressure on one side and greater positive pressure on the other.

As a vacuum pump, the lift is dictated by the surrounding air pressure. At sea level it can lift approximately 10 m, the lift decreases proportionally to height above sea level.

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