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122 Interface Meter

Solinst Canada

The Interface Meter consists of a probe attached to a polyethylene tape at one end, and at the other end a reel containing the electronic components of the instrument.

Two stainless steel conducting cables run down the length of the tape from the reel to the probe. The probe incorporates an infra-red beam and a detector receiving the light signal.

When the probe is submerged in any liquid the light is refracted away from the detector causing the system to go into alarm mode. If the layer is NAPL (conductivity less than 50uS/cm) the alarm will sound with a steady tone and light.

When the probe hits water (conductivity greater than 50uS/cm) the infra-red alarm circuit is overridden and the conductivity alarm is activated, noticeable by a rapid intermittent tone and flash of light.

122M Mini Interface Meter:

The 122 Mini is a convenient small version of the 122 Oil/Water Interface Meter, small enough to fit in a backpack.

A custom carrying bag is also an option. The 122 Mini is available in 20 m lengths.

The 16 mm diameter probe is attached to narrow 6 mm tape, which is accurately marked each millimetre. Enhanced electronics allow operation for up to 300 hours of on-time, using one 9V battery

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