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Biofoul Screen for Leveloggers

Solinst Canada

The Model 3001 Biofoul Screen for the Levelogger is an affordable option to lengthen the time a Levelogger EdgeLevelogger Junior Edge, or LTC Levelogger Junior can be deployed, before maintenance is required.

Using the natural anti-fouling characteristics of copper, the Biofoul Screen is designed to reduce the unwanted buildup of microorganisms, plants, algae, or organisms such as barnacles and mussels.

The Biofoul Screen consists of a Delrin sleeve wrapped with copper wire. The Biofoul Screen simply slips onto the sensor end of the Levelogger, where it is held in place by friction fit. The screen allows water to freely enter the pressure sensor of any Levelogger, and the conductivity cell of an LTC.

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