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DataStream Wireless Landfill Gas Monitor

The DataStream Wireless Sensor Network System is an adaptable network architecture allowing rapid commissioning of wireless monitoring networks. The DataStream Wireless Landfill Gas Monitor provides an expandable system for ambient and perimeter ground gas monitoring.

With ‘out the box’ auto mesh wireless functionality and low power requirements, the DataStream Wireless Landfill Gas Monitor can be easily installed at a remote location and connected to multiple ground probe sampling tubes at different heights. The node wakes up to 4 times a day (programmable) and using an internal compressor to draw an air sample from each of the ground probes in sequence and takes a gas reading. The readings are sent over a mesh wireless system to an on-site DataStream Wireless Monitoring System Gateway where they are time stamped and logged. Data may be downloaded from the Gateway onsite (programmable) or continuously monitored in real time over a WAN connection such as a cellular modem. Users can log into the gateways internal server to view the data and set up email/sms alarms. 

Key features
  • Auto-ranging sensors to hit the accuracy required for EPA guidelines.
  • A convenient one-year calibration cycle
  • Remote logging capability 
  • 240V or remote power (solar) options
  • SMS and email alarms
  • Cloud access to data
  • Integrate into large wireless sensing networks
  • Up to 3 sampling ports per node and capability to network up to 1000 nodes in a single system



Sampling frequency

Up to 6 hourly

Methane sensor


0 - 10% (accuracy 0.1% FS, resolution 0.01%)

0 - 100% (accuracy 2% FS, resolution 0.1%)


Carbon dioxide sensor

0 - 100% (accuracy 2% FS)

Differential pressure sensor

Dual 800 - 1200 MBar absolute pressure sensors (accuracy 0.15% FS)

Oxygen sensor

0 -100% (accuracy 2% FS)

Radio range

Indoor: 150m

Outdoor: >1500m

Max Power

Read active (500mA @ 12V DC)

Idle (40mA @ 12V DC)

Power options

240V or compact solar system

Wireless communication

2.4 GHz ISM Band

Wireless topology

Auto Mesh with dynamic configuration


180mm x 254mm x 57mm; 3kg


AES 128bit available (optional)