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Tiger Photoionisation Detector (PID)

Ion Science

The leading technology of the TIGER LT makes it the most advanced, low-cost handheld VOC detector on the market giving you the most accurate, reliable results you can count on, every time. Whether deciding to wear PPE or checking head space for compliance TIGER gives confidence that the right decision will be made in all environments, humid or dusty.

TIGER accurately detects gases from 0.1 to 5,000 ppm, has the fastest response time on the market of just 2 seconds, and is as quick to clear down. Its push-to-log data logging stores up to 80,000 data points in up to 128 user selectable zones.

Key Features:

  • PID independently verified as best performing on the market

  • Accurate results across all environments from 0.1 - 5000 ppm

  • Patented humidity resistance to 99% RH - no compensation needed

  • Anti-contamination design minimises drift and extends run time

  • Fastest 2 second response time and rapid clear down

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